Photo: Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid says he doesn’t care about winning the MVP as much anymore.

(Via FreeDawkins):

“Awards, you know, the lesson that I’ve learned the last two years is that it’s unfortunate for me because when it comes to legacy, I want people to remember me as the best or one of the best players ever, and it’s unfortunate that nowadays you gotta win all these awards. It’s out of my hands. I don’t really care anymore. The first year, really I cared. Last year, not as much. It would be nice. Not a lot of people have that opportunity to win that or to be in that position. So to be falling short, 2nd two years in a row. It sucks, but it’s whatever. I know I believe in myself and the ultimate goal is to win a championship. If I gotta get my recognition by winning a championship, then I gotta go do it.”