Photo: Nhat V. Meyer/Bay Area News Group

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr sees a lot of Steve Nash & John Stockton in the way Steph Curry takes care of his body.

(Via Let’s Go Warriors):

“I think with Steph, you have to factor in a lot more besides just the age. You know, you can’t just look at his age and go, well, he’s only got a year left or two years left because that’s traditionally when players start to fade or whatever. I think of Steve Nash a lot when I think of Steph. I watched Steve in Phoenix play at a really high level until 40. John Stockton did the same thing in Utah. You’re talking about athletes who are ferociously committed to their craft, to their body, to their conditioning.

“Every single aspect of Steph’s day, he’s devoted to being at the top of his game for as long as he can. And you’re talking about one of the best athletes in the world. Maybe not by, you know, how high you jump or how fast you are, you know, traditional athletic standpoint. But when you talk about hand-eye and balance and core strength, Steph is one of the greatest athletes on earth. And so all that stuff matters. His ability to keep himself at such a high level, it’s not an accident. He’s both really, you know, kind of gifted naturally, but also totally committed, and I fully expect him to have a lot more great years.”