Photo: Atlanta Hawks/ Twitter

As the face of the Atlanta Hawks franchise, Trae Young is truly high about what he and his teammates can achieve for years to come.

In the Hawks’ media day last Friday, Young delivered a bold statement for his team, noting that he believes they can win that elusive championship.

“We believe we can win a championship,” Young said at a press conference for his team.

“I know I do… I know my teammates have that same mentality. It really doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks of us.”

After the acquisition of Dejounte Murray from the San Antonio Spurs, the confidence around Atlanta is reasonably off the charts. The club is a must-watched team and is only ready to compete within the East’s rising competition.

The Hawks have already shocked the world last year with what they have accomplished. And based on their leader’s statement, they are poised to fly for much greater heights of progress and success..