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As the start of the 2022-2023 NBA season approaches, teams are preparing for the opening of the NBA training camps on September 24th. Training Camp is an integral part of the season, giving coaches an opportunity to assess their squads and make adjustments when necessary. Coaches also use this time for game planning, while players use it to prepare physically for what lies ahead during the intense 82-game regular season.

With that in mind, now’s a good time to look at what you need to know about the NBA Training Camp. 

What is the Training Camp?

Training camp is a time for teams across the league to evaluate their lineups, ensure players rally around the team’s goals, and get everyone on the same page leading up to the first game.

A crucial trade or the return of a star player can make the difference between a team being a championship contender, or failing to make the playoffs, but it’s important every player is well integrated into the team. A big part of the purpose of training camp is to evaluating rookies, returning players, and players acquired through trade. As part of the evaluation period, coaches will determine which players are best suited for particular roles and outline their strategy for the upcoming season. 

Betting is an important part of the NBA season, and the league’s most dedicated fans have spent the offseason monitoring trades and checking the odds to see where their favorite teams stand. Top sportsbooks like FanDuel offer free bets to new customers, allowing them to learn the ropes. The progression of training camps is an underlying factor that can impact a team’s performance in the coming season.

Benefits for Players

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By the time training camp begins, rookies have already participated in the NBA Summer League. During preseason games, rookies will experience NBA-level basketball for the first time and work under their new head coach. They will focus on learning what’s needed to make an impact on their new team and what’s expected of them on the court.

Training camps allow returning players to get into peak condition, so they’ll be ready to perform at the highest levels when the new season begins. Although players work hard to stay in shape during the offseason, there are certain things they can only achieve in a team environment while working with coaches and other players. The time they spend with teammates during camp helps ensure they’ll be ready when the new season begins. 

Training camps can be overwhelming for new players because everything unfolds at a rapid pace. But ultimately, it’s the testing ground for what’s to come.