Photo: Golden State Warriors/Twitter

Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas recently caused controversy with his comments about Giannis Antetokounmpo, saying that the two-time NBA MVP ‘doesn’t understand basketball.’

Now Agent Zero made another interesting remark about the four-time NBA champion Steph Curry. When talking about the Warriors superstar and his place in the GOAT debate, Arenas said that he will always be slighted due to his small size. Arenas did say that Curry is in his Top 10 players of All-Time.

“Without even just diving into my list [of All-Time greats], I’m gonna just go and say he’s gonna be Top 10,” he said on VladTV when talking about Curry.

“Somehow I’m gonna put him in a Top 10 knowing what I know, knowing his work ethic, knowing his height, knowing what he does, the excitement being a guard, being a guard in Golden State where I was a guard too. I’m gonna put him in a Top 10, just off of rip. It’s one of those things. I’ma put him and then I’ll try to figure it out from there.”

But when it comes to GOAT conversations, the former point guard thinks that Curry’s size is what will always keep him away from those.

“He’s gonna always be slighted because he’s little,” Arenas said. “It’s like we have this idea of what a GOAT is supposed to be – 6’6″ and above. When it comes to smaller guys, you have to do so much more to get the same credit. You gotta remember, he’s not a highlight reel when it comes to jumping and dunking and all this aerial stuff. He’s a floor general.”