Bronny James
Photo: Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Next summer Bronny James will graduate from high school and will have to choose a college. The 17-year-old guard has multiple colleges interested in him, but he is yet to commit.

According to his father LeBron James, Bronny has not taken any visits and only had phone conversations with coaches. The four-time NBA champion tweeted that his son will be the one who will reveal his choice when it is made.

Meanwhile, former NBA players Jalen Rose, Matt Barnes and Kendrick Perkins gave their suggestions as to which college Bronny should go to.

Rose suggested Michigan as a place where the eldest son of the Lakers superstar will receive huge support from the fans and will get away from papparazzi.

Barnes’ suggestion was UCLA due to its close proximity to Los Angeles where Bronny and his family lives.

Finally, Perkins suggested Ohio because Bronny was born in Akron, Ohio and he would get the biggest support there of all places.