Kevin Durant Brooklyn Nets
Photo: Corey Sipkin/New York Post

The ultimatum that Kevin Durant expressed to the Nets owner Joe Tsai – either the team fires head coach Steve Nash and GM Sean Marks or trades him – could have a negative impact on the market demand for the two-time NBA champion.

According to NBA insider Brian Windhorst, after the news about the KD’s ultimatum became public, other NBA teams that are interested in acquiring the superstar will lower their offers instead of increasing them which would further complicate the chances of the trade happening.

“Doing it now is a maneuver, a maneuver that I don’t think worked because as I talk to teams out there, they don’t think this increased his trade demand. They think this hurt his trade value,” Windhorst said on ESPN’s This Just In.

“I want to point the second half of the Joe Tsai tweet. I think it’s obviously important to look at the first sentence which is that he’s not going to fire Sean Marks and Steve Nash. But the second sentence is really the sentence that the league paid attention to it. And it seems benign when he says ‘We make decisions for the best interest of the Brooklyn Nets.’

“But I’m going to decode that for you What he’s basically saying is despite what Kevin Durant is trying do here, we’re not going to change what our expectations are for a trade and if you are not traded, we expect you to be reporting to camp to continue the four years you have left on your contract.”