Jamal Crawford
Photo: Bleacher Report

Jamal Crawford gets real on the length of the time he played in the NBA.

The 42-year-old hooper remains active in playing basketball, and he openly admitted that he wished he knew the secrets of durability he currently have way back in his ending seasons within the league.

“I would always stretch and ice even if nothing was hurting,” noted Crawford, per Bryan Kalbroski of USA Today. “I heard an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of recovery. I was always taking care of myself…

“I was always trying to think about the long game so I could play at a high level for a long time… I would’ve played even longer if I knew the stuff I know now.”

As such, Crawford still managed to play in 20 seasons as an NBA cager, a feat that few former players can claim.

Within those 20 seasons, he logged in 1,327 total games, primarily playing as a spark plug off the bench.

Crawford stands as one of the best ball handlers and bench players in league history, winning three Sixth Man of the Year honors.