Former NBA champion Glen Davis recalled his first meeting with the legendary Shaquille O’Neal during his interview on VLAD TV. ‘Big Baby’ played college basketball at LSU – the same college that Shaq attended.

During a meeting at the LSU advisor’s house Davis met O’Neal who asked him to go outside. Unsuspecting student was then asked by the four-time NBA champion to wrestle him.

It was Shaq who was surprised then because Davis used his big body to body slammed the seven-foot NBA superstar. The two became teammates during the 2010-2011 NBA season when O’Neal joined the Celtics.

Via Paolo Songco of ClutchPoints:

“I was infatuated with Shaq at the time,” said Davis. “I feel like I was a Shaq minion. I ended up knowing him because I’m an athlete at LSU … I got a chance to meet the director over there with the scholarships … one of his advisors and went to dinner at [the advisor’s] house eating spaghetti. And Shaq comes out of nowhere and was like, ‘Let’s go outside.’

“[Shaq was] like, ‘Aight, let’s get down [and wrestle],” Davis continued. “So you know how you wrestle, you get into position. So I’m in the position, and I’m grabbing, holding him. Next thing you know, I slam[med] him down like a wrestler. He was like, ‘God damn. You’re a big a– kid!'” So that’s how me and his relationship really started.”