This year’s number one overall draft pick Paolo Banchero did enough to convince Draymond Green that he is a special player. The four-time NBA champion had already expressed his approval of the 19-year-old forward in a tweet.

Now Green has expanded on his podcast. “Paolo Banchero, I think, is one of the ones,” he said. “And the reason I think Paolo is one of them guys is because of the things that he did on the basketball court that were not scoring.

“Yes, he did all the things with the basketball, yes, he made the plays. But the plays that he made that did not involve him having the basketball is why I think Paolo is going to be one of them guys.

“Him getting on teammates coming in as a rookie. The winning plays he was making down the stretch. When was the last time we’ve seen the Orlando Magic compete in games like they were competing to win games when Paolo was out there on the court.

“I hope that organization is ready for that player because that player is a winner. That player, he cares. I mean, he was out there playing them Summer League games like he was playing in the NBA Finals. With that type of intensity. That is a winner right before your eyes. And I hope that that organization is ready for that player.”