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Photo: Daily Express

Former U.S. President Donald Trump took another shot at Lakers superstar LeBron James during his speech at the American Freedom Tour in Memphis.

He echoed a joke he made recently by saying that while he can’t stand the four-time NBA champion, he would like to have him as a captain of his women’s basketball team.

“If I were a basketball coach, I know who I’d be going. I don’t want to get involved, but I’d have the greatest women’s basketball team of all time,” Trump said.

“I can’t stand LeBron James but I would say ‘LeBron, did you ever think about going woman ’cause if you did, I’d like to put you on my team?’ Can’t stand the guy. I don’t like him, but I’d like to have him on my basketball team. He would be the captain of my women’s basketball team. We wouldn’t lose. We wouldn’t lose too many games.”