Photo: New York Post

Draymond Green admitted after Game 2 of the NBA Finals that he has earned a ‘differential treatment’ from the referees. The three-time NBA champion avoided a second technical after a scuffle with Jaylen Brown.

NBA legend Charles Barkley thinks that the Warriors forward had to be ejected by the officials. Moreover, he says that retired referees texted him during the game as they were pissed at Green was doing on the court and that the officials did not give a technical.

Barkley also remembered how he used to deal with players like Green back in his day. He gave an example of Dennis Rodman who he would hit hard at the start of the game to prevent further antics.

Via Ron Kroichik of San Francisco Chronicle:

“I think that was a huge mistake,” Barkley said. “I have some friends who are retired officials, and they were pissed. They were texting me during the game, saying ‘What the hell is up (with Green)? Why don’t they just toss this dude? He can’t be out there acting like a damn fool.’

“I respect these guys, they were officials for 30 years, and they said he should have been tossed a long time ago. And then for him to come out after the game and say, ‘Oh, I knew they weren’t going to toss me after the first technical.’ … I really think Draymond has to be very careful.”