Jaylen Brown Boston Celtics
Photo: Bleacher Report

The Celtics have just made it to the NBA Finals for the first time in 14 years. But looking back to the early parts of the season it didn’t look like Boston would go far this year.

The fans were frustrated, the media and analysts saw problems with the roster and it reached a point where there were calls for one of the team’s stars – Jaylen Brown – to be traded.

Looking back to that time, Brown says that most of those calls came from the fans. While it was unpleasant, he understands that the Boston fans don’t tolerate excuses.

Via Chris Haynes of Yahoo! Sports:

“That trade talk was loud, and most of it came from Boston fans,” Brown told Yahoo Sports. “It’s a city that doesn’t tolerate excuses. But in reality, early in the season we had a new coach, we had a new front office, I missed about 15 games early in the season and that caused us to not be clicking on all cylinders like we wanted to be. People were impatient, so I understand. But fast forward, we got healthy, we got everybody back and now the sky’s the limit.”