Photo: Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

NBA Big Board’s Rafael Barlowe says one anonymous front office executive told him he has some concerns about Chet Holmgren at the next level if the former Gonzaga star plays the center position.

(Via Rafael Barlowe- NBA Big Board):

“He said he felt Chet’s greatest attribute on defense, outside of his shot blocking, is his ability to move his feet and switch out on the perimeter and defend guards. But he said that means if you want him to be your primary pick & roll defender, you have to play him at the 5. But he also said, if you play him at the 5, he’s gonna get buried. And not necessarily by your Jokic’s, by your Embiid’s. It’s guys like Jonas Valanciunas. It’s guys like, even Rudy Gobert, on a duck-in. Is he strong enough to handle that? So he said, yes, he does bring value as a weak side shot blocker, but you can kind of scheme him out of the play if you have him at the 4.”