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Recently announced All NBA Second Team member Steph Curry saw the Dallas Mavericks make some noticeable adjustments in the Golden State Warriors’ Game 4 loss.

(Via Jump View):

“They tried some stuff against our zone, trying to overload one side and force us to rotate and we were just a step slow. They obviously have a lineup where they can put five shooters out there, and then they switched it up. I don’t know if it was the end of the first half or second half, they put Luka off the ball in the zone. So, he was the one catching with a live dribble and making us make a read. So, the playoffs are fun. It’s a game of adjustments and you’ve got to figure out, if you can’t do it on the fly, you have a game like you have tonight. These next 48 hours, get prepared and come out with another level of focus on what they did to win the game like they did tonight.”