Shane Larkin Efes CSKA Moscow
Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

Anadolu Efes point guard Shane Larkin is exited that his team reach the Finals of the EuroLeague where they will face Real Madrid.

“I am super exited we will be in the Finals. We are experienced, confident, we’ve been there before. It is pretty much the same team as last year so we’ve been in the similar situation. Now is only time to go up there and give everything we can in order to get out of here as champions again”, said Larkin who thinks that the motivation is the same as it was last year.

Excellent point guard mentioned all his teammates and their possibilities to step up in the different situations.

“You know we have a lot of talented guys in the team that can step up and score in the key moments. We have a lot of great players, we believe in each other. No matter who will step up, we believe in each other and we know that that player will step up and give us what we need”.

In the first semi-finals match Efes faced Olampyacos, that had 6th player in Štark Arena. Their fans came from Greece to support their team and made an amazing atmosphere.

“The atmosphere was amazing. It was one of the best atmosphere I’ve been able to play in and Olympiacos had a lot of fans here. They were singing before the game, cheering across the Arena. It was really amazing, I am very grateful to be able to experienced that and also very glad we won it in front of those fans as well”.

Larkin and his teammates were talking about Olympiacos fans and still not sure which team they will chose to support in the Finals.

“I don’t know who will they support. We were talking about it but I don’t know exactly who they will cheer for. But considering that we beat their team I don’t know how many cheers we are going to get. We will see”, finished his interview the player who made it in the first five of this year’s EuroLeague.