The Celtics bounced back after losing Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals against the Heat. In Game 2 Boston was dominant in the first half and it was enough for a big win (127-102).

After the game Miami’s star Jimmy Butler said that the Celtics embarrassed his team. Marcus Smart was asked about the comment that his opponent made

“Well, we got embarrassed on their home court Game 1 when they came back and went on that 22-2 run,” the Defensive Player of the Year said. “That was embarrassing for us, especially with the way we play defense.

“We expect them to come out really hot. we expect them to come out more aggressive. We expect them to come out with a lot of juice. But with that being said, I expect my guys to do the exact same thing. We can’t come in and we can’t allow them to embarrass us on our home court.”