A.G.O.Rethimno- A.E.N.Kifissias 63-58

The two sides were very anxious throughout the game, in a match that had many turnovers and poor shooting totals. AENK was slightly more careful in the beginning, took advantage of the home side’s bad offensive choices and got a 10-15 lead. Focusing on defense, the visitors held on to their lead until half time, 23-27.

The second half belonged to AGOR that had better offensive stats, while they reduced their turnovers, managing to overtake 44-43 right before the end of the 3rd, going to the closing quarter hoping to end the game. AENK was not an easy opponent but 4 minutes before the end, the point margin got to double digits, securing the win at home for coach Skourtopoulos’ side. MVP was Faye who scored 8 points but had 4 assists, 6 rebounds and performed many crucial defensive plays. Top scorer was Mavroeidis with 16 points for AENK, while it is worth to mention that the visitors committed 23 turnovers against 15 AGOR had.

P.A.O.K.- Apollon Patras 68-46

Easy evening at home for PAOK who stormed past Apollon Patras who unable to follow right from the beginning. Margaritis was unstoppable and led his team to a 26-13 lead after 10’, but they did not stop there, and until the 28th minute, they were scoring with every way possible, to end the half in front 38-20.

The visitors did not show any signs of recovery and on the other side, the home side did not allow them to gain confidence since they dominated right from the restart of the game. 49-34 after 3 periods with the closing quarter having no real interest. Langford scored 14 for his team but Margaritis also was a very important player since he scored 10 points, all during the first period, pushing his team towards the win. Finally, coach Soulis Markopoulos is the 4th coach in the history of the Greek Basket League that reached 300 wins, following Giannis Ioannidis, Zeljko Obradovic and Dusan Ivkovic.

A.O. Trikala- Kolossos Rhodes 87-94

The last 3 games Kolossos played were all very interesting and this one is no exception with the Rhodians escaping Trikala with a big win. They were in front right from the beginning, having good shooting totals and dominating the rebounds, to end the opening quarter 18-20. Trikala tried to overtake but their opponents once again found the net and they achieved to increase the lead to 7 points, 37-44 by halftime.

Trikala wanted to get back in the game and paid more attention to their offensive plays, reaching within 2 points, but the visitors answered the same way, continuing to hit big shots behind the arc. After 30 minutes they were in front again 58-66. In an unusual turn of events, Kolossos did not only score 28 points during the final quarter, but they also defended very well in a couple of important possessions, giving Trikala no chance for the comeback, having Robinson in great shape, 19 points with 5/6 three-pointers. In total, the winners shot with 16/25 behind the arc.

K.A.O.Dramas- Panelefsiniakos 76-61

It was a very important match between the two, concerning which team will follow Panionios to the second division, and KOAD showed that they deserve more to stay up. Panelefsiniakos tried to stay close but they only scored 10 points in the opening period, (15-10), a start that was not exactly what they were after. The second quarter was the key-point of the game when the home side gained a clear advantage, playing good basketball on transition, which helped them to find some easy points on fastbreak. As a result they ended the halftime in front 41-27.

Panelefsiniakos had to snap out of their poor offense but the deficit remained and that helped KAOD to secure the win by the 30 minute mark, 57-38. The closing quarter did not have much to offer since the visitors gave up on the game and now must hope for a miracle if they want to avoid relegation. Odum had 15 points and alongside Zaras who scored 14, were the best units for the winners and on the other side Mitrovic also had 15 points.

A.E.K.- Aris 93-77

AEK played good basketball from start to finish, dominated Aris achieving to take the total point difference and can now secure the 4th position if they remain focused. The visitors tried to set their own pace but only managed to catch AEK off-guard, ending the first period in draw 21-21. During the rest of the half, “Enosis” stepped up with great shooting totals behind the arc and with English leading the way, the margin got to 13, 48-35.

Many scouters from NBA were in OAKA this Sunday to watch Alexandros Vezenkov and he delivered, starting the second half very well, bringing his team within 2 points, putting AEK on some trouble after 30’, 67-62. It was time for the home side to show their offensive power when Mensah-Bonsu dominated the paint and Malik Hairston scored some easy fast break points to put them on the driver’s seat. By the end of the match, the newcomer Scottie Wilbekin stepped on the court to boost his team with 10 more points. MVP was Mensah-Bonsu with 16 points and 12 rebounds and for the defeated team, Vezenkov scored 23.

Koroivos Amaliadas- Olympiacos 70-87

Olympiacos had total control of the game despite Koroivos’ attempts to stay close. Quick pace and correct offensive choices gave the “Reds” a clear 18-28 lead. The home team put more emphasis on their defense while on the other side Olympiacos slowed down the pace, getting to the locker room in front 37-44.

After the break, many Olympiacos players including Lafayette, Papapetrou and Dunston, found their way to the net, opening up Koroivos’ defense but Rubio did his best to reduce the gap, 56-68. However the visitors were not about to put the game on risk and within the first 4 minutes of the closing quarter, they “sealed the deal” behind Lojeski’s 16 points. For Amaliada Marshall also had 16 points.

Panionios- Panathinaikos 46-79

Both teams showed two different sides during the first and second half, but in the end Panathinaikos crushed Panionios. The home team got In the game strong and used their defense to contain their opponents, 14-14. Not only that but the started building a lead that reached to 8 points right before the half. However a couple of big shots from the “Greens” led them to the locker rooms in draw, 34-34.

As most of his games, Panathinaikos was explosive after the half time break, using their well-known defense to run a 0-17 run, concluding the 3rd quarter leading 41-62. Panionios players looked exhausted and gave up on the game, so both teams used their younger players but even then, the visitors shined, finally getting the easy away win. Slaughter had 18 points but the one who stood out again was Coleman with his passion and his 21 points alongside the 11 rebounds he grabbed. Finally, before the game, Panionios fans honored one of their fans who passed away this Friday, in a very emotional ceremony.