China’s slave labor critic Enes Kanter Freedom, who was traded by the Boston Celtics to Houston Rockets, waived in February, and is still a free agent, continues to go after the NBA while talking to a Greek newspaper Ethnikos Kirikas.

“I was in Portland last year, and I averaged a double-double, and we went to the playoffs,” Freedom said. “I was a starter. And they come and tell me after a year that I forgot how to play basketball?

“When I started talking about what’s happening in China, they stopped showing the Celtics on Chinese TV. This cost the NBA money. The NBA says that the league stands by our side when it comes to freedom of speech. I don’t believe it. They stand on our side as long what we say helps the league’s pockets, otherwise they’ll do whatever they can to finish you. I’m saying that because they are trying to retire me at 29. However, I know that I can play 6-7 years more because I love basketball, I’m healthy and I believe that people can see that I deserve to be in the NBA.”