Carmelo Anthony
Photo: Ringo H.W. Chiu/AP

The Lakers once again found themselves in a deep hole at the end of the first quarter. This time it was in their home game against the Raptors. After the first 12 minutes the hosts were down by 21 points and were unable to dig themselves out of the hole.

According to Carmelo Anthony, who scored 14 points coming off the bench, his team is often getting into positions where they have big deficits to erase.

“If you take away the first quarter, we won the game,” said Anthony. “We can’t be digging ourselves holes or whatever. We’ve been digging ourselves holes this whole to start the game off with. We did it Phoenix, we did it again today. We find ourselves in those positions often this season.”

Melo was then asked if there is a way to fix this issue that the Lakers have been dealing with this season. “I don’t think it’s any X’s and O’s that could fix it,” he said. “It’s just a will power that you got to have. You just got to want it coming out from the beginning of the game.

“You got to want it, you got to go get it. You got to take it a lot of times when you’re going through situations like this, a little adversity, by any means you got to go get it. Nobody’s going to give it to you, you got to go take it.”