Photo: Spectrum SportsNet/Twitter

Lakers legend James Worthy thinks that his former team does not have the players to constantly erase big deficits that their opponents build against them.

The latest example was the game agains the Raptors in which Los Angeles went down by 21 points in the first quarter. The Lakers did make a push in the fourth quarter but it wasn’t enough to win the game.

“We could run the tapes from previous shows and we’re going to be saying the same thing pretty much,” Worthy said on Spectrum SportsNet. “A back-to-back game, Rob pointed out, they’re already a little behind the eight ball, Toronto coming here having beaten some really good teams, including Phoenix and Denver.

“Once again a tough first quarter. They get down the way they did … and from that point you’re playing catch up and it takes a lot of energy to put up debt in the lead. And they don’t have enough personnel to keep fighting out of those ditches that they get themselves in.

“Couldn’t shoot the ball from the field or the three. Not moving the ball enough. They ended up with enough 20 assists but I think they only had 7 or 8, or 9 or something. Same old story, just don’t have enough personnel and they dig too big of ditches that they can’t get out of.”