LeBron James had season-high 56 points last night as he led the Lakers past the Warriors (124-116) to end a four-game losing streak.

His huge scoring performance came right after his comments on not being included conversations about greatest scorers of all time came out. The four-time NBA champion admitted on ‘The Shop’ that it pisses him off.

After the Golden State game James was asked about his comments. “Because [scoring] never been a number one option for me,” he said. “I came into this league understanding what team basketball is all about and the importance of the pass the importance of your teammates, feeling comfortable on the floor, trying to be in rhythm.

“I was just brought up that way. My little league coaches always just taught us the right way to play the game of basketball. The word ball hog was something that we despised of and we never let creep into our none of our ball clubs. Just something that we never wanted to do. And I guess it just stuck with me, man.

“I’ve always loved the success of my teammates scoring off a pass of mine or even hockey assist where we get the ball moving from side to side. But also knew I wanted to be a triple threat as well to be able to score at all levels of the game to keep defenses at bay so they can’t expect me to pass all the time.

“And if you can do both, it really keeps the defense they don’t quite know what to do at times. Tonight was one of those moments where I just had it going.”