As all eyes are set on how Klay Thompson will bounce back after a long setback, many fans, regardless of the fandom, are certainly hoping to regain his old self. 

Indeed, a piece of advice from notable NBA greats, like Grant Hill, must be taken into consideration – a former player, who also experienced harsh conditions because of injuries. 

As Hill joined the “Warriors Pregame Live” for plenty of discussions after he helped Team USA basketball management in proclaiming Steve Kerr as the newest one atop the coaching helm of the men’s national team, he offered some fruitful insights about Thompson’s situation. 

Amid claiming that the comeback will be fine due to the scientific and medical progress, he is still encouraging the phenom shooting guard to trust the process – not rushing things in order to get back to the normal form. 

“We’ve come so far in terms of recovery and the methods with surgery, so I think he’ll be fine,” Hill said. “The most important thing is you can’t get it all back right away, in some cases. So as long as he can put together consecutive days, consecutive weeks, consecutive months of health – the basketball part is going to be there – I think he’ll be fine.” 

“I think he’s in a great situation. Team is doing well. He’ll come right in and fit right in and it will be fun to watch. Except when you play against him.”

The Hall of Famer and ultimate jack-of-all-trades Hill had a lopsided career due to ankle complications. Despite having an early productive campaign as the core member of the late 90s Detroit Pistons, wherein he amassed several All-NBA and All-Star selections, unavailability derailed his chances to transcend into basketball greatness during those prime years of his career with the Orlando Magic. As he delivered this instruction, it is necessary for Thompson to understand the context. 

The three-time NBA champion has missed the previous back-to-back seasons with the Dubs, tearing his left ACL during the 2019 NBA Finals and sustaining a torn Achilles prior to 2020-2021. He is currently cleared for team basketball activities, open for G League appearances per Kerr, and preparing for the much-anticipated return to the league’s hardwood. 

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, through his inside sources, announced that Golden State are eyeing a Jan. 9 or Jan. 18 return for Thompson, with an earlier Jan. 3 home game considerable, but a less likely date. Still, the management hasn’t released any timetable yet.