The Lakers bounced back after losing against the Clippers with a win over the Celtics at Staples Center (117-102). Until that game, Boston had one of the best offensive ratings in the NBA while Los Angeles was among the worst defensive teams in terms of points scored against.

Despite that, the Lakers were able to slow the Celtics down and take the victory. After the game, Frank Vogel talked about his team’s defense, that of the starting lineup in particular.

“We learn about our group a little bit every game and we make our adjustments,” he said. “Our group has a great way of talking things out and having a group intelligence. Our coaching staff really evaluates what we’re doing on it on a game to game basis.

“Very proud of the defensive performance tonight. Boston had been a number two rated offense in the league over the last 10 games and our defensive rating which is the metric we use to measure our defense was 104 which would rank second. Big growth from the other night against the Clippers. We limited the three-point line and our guys played with great competitive spirit.”

This win tied the series between the two teams as the Celtics won the first clash in Boston back in November. According to Vogel, the Lakers rebounded and contained the ball better in this game.

“Well, we rebounded the ball better and contained the ball better,” he said when asked about the differences between the two games. “And we had a much stronger presence in our gaps which is the guys behind the guy on the ball.

“A strong emphasis to double-team less to put more onus on the man guarding the ball to man up and guard his own. If our help is in place and early and talking you give the guy on the ball confidence to pressure up.

“I thought we got a lot of good sequences with Russell, with Talen, with Avery where those guys were gaining confidence because of the help behind them.”