The Los Angeles Lakers are set to visit the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday, a team that beat them after three overtimes just four days ago.

One of the topics that Lakers head coach Frank Vogel covered ahead of the game is the way his team has been playing in second halves, especially after building leads in the first halves. According to him, in order to win the second half, the team has to play differently.

“We just got to understand the other team’s going to change the game,” Vogel said. “If you get a bit lead in this league, the three ball is a great equalizer. Big leads are built and evaporate faster into the modern NBA than ever before.

“So you got to understand that the teams are going to play faster and shoot more threes and defensively they’re going to try to change the game with defensive pressure or change their scheme whether it’s a bunch of switching or going zone.

“And you’re going to have to win the second half differently than what you did to build that lead. It’s not just about doing what you did to build that lead, the game is different. We just got to understand it’s a 48-minute game and a lt of times you have to win the second half differently than you won the first.”