Image courtesy: Craig Mitchelldyer/Associated Press

From the minds of many, especially Sacramento Kings interim head coach Alvin Gentry, there will always be a line between basketball and personal life. 

Speaking in front of the media after the visiting Kings fell into the hands of Memphis Grizzlies on Sunday, Gentry addressed the in-game incident wherein a fan was kicked out of the arena after reports that it spewed unnecessary comments.

“I think (when) you pay for a ticket you’ve got a right to boo guys, you’ve got a right to cheer for your team … But inappropriate things should never be what anyone should say.”

The 67-year-old mentor declined to further give details on what the Grizzlies supporter said.

“I don’t think it needs to be talked about or anything, but obviously it’s not anything that I’m going to tolerate people saying to my players, I know that, not without intervening and asking them to be removed,” Gentry said. “They can say anything they want to me or they can boo and do everything they want with the players, but there’s no room for saying inappropriate things in a sporting event. That’s not why you’re there.”

The referees and security officers of the FedEx forum stopped the game for a while during the 4th period to follow the request of Gentry to remove the fan. After a few moments, the veteran coach complained upon seeing that it returned into the stands. 

As reported by Grizzlies insider Drew Hill, the reason of the fan’s pull out was the irrelevant, Kardashian-related comments on Kings center Tristan Thompson. 

This is not the first time this season that a team supporter was ejected out of the contest. On Wednesday, Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James requested to escort two Indiana Pacers fans out after delivering inappropriate gestures.