Arguably the main highlight of the game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Detroit Pistons was an altercation between LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart.

It started with the Lakers star elbowing the Pistons center, which led to the latter bleeding and charging at James in revenge. Although mass fight was avoided, the players of both teams got involved as they tried to calm things down.

Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas unloaded on Stewart on Instagram for breaking an unwritten NBA rule and attacking LeBron, who is the face of the league.

“hey brother, imma just be real with ya here,” Arenas started his message. “🗣️ pack all SHIT, pack yo winter jackets and boots becuz yo ass is about to be traded to (Budapest) somewhere 😂😂😂 I don’t know what type of bumbaclot blood got in yo eye BUT u can’t charge at the #KING like that on tv 💯 you will be drug tested #tivoice expeditiously 🤣 just to make sure that rage ain’t drug related.”

“we don’t do that in the nba” u probably haven’t read the memo on fight attempts in the nba#1 don’t square up with @kingjames @easymoneysniper EVER💯 .#2 them two light skin boys @stephencurry30 @klaythompson On GS don’t let ya chest get puffy towards them or yo ass is done 😇 #3 only two teams that’s allowed to fist fight without any real penalties is where ever @rajonrondo and @cp3 at🤣 #4 wait til yo teammates get around u and then act tuff (for the crowd) sell it like WWE 👌🏾 🙏🏾 ummm thats it’s, good luck moving forward my man 😌”