Photo: Spectrum SportsNet/Twitter

The Los Angeles Lakers earned their 7th win of the season by defeating the Miami Heat in overtime (120-117) thanks to big performances by Malik Monk, Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis.

According to Lakers legend James Worthy, the players played together right from the start and that was a key to the win. “Missing a lot of players,” Worthy said on Spectrum SportsNet. “Realizing we’re going to miss Rondo as well, another key component. Those guys decided before the game that they were going to come in home and they were going to play together because that’s what I saw from the beginning.

“Despite the little mistakes they may have made, they looked like they were in sync, I saw a lot of communication on the defensive end. And that’s where it started, that’s what propelled them on to their offense.

“I thought they did an outstanding job, they shot the ball well, had a lot of confidence in Monk coming off the bench. Rob said it before the game ‘If you think Herro’s going to be up, Monk likes a challenge’ and he met that challenge tonight.

“I also think Westbrook did a good job of controlling the team when he had to, hit some big shots, the layup and that big shot over Tucker. Little mistakes here and there but they were able to pull themselves together and win an overtime game. I thought it was a good performance.”