Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis
Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/YouTube

Russell Westbrook’s disappointing debut with the Los Angeles Lakers is one of the main topics being discussed after the team’s season opener. The 32-year-old superstar did not play like he usually does as he struggled to find his shot and finished the game with just 8 points.

According to his teammate Anthony Davis, Russ needs to be himself and play the way normally does. AD thinks that Westbrook is too focused on getting other players involved which limits his own offensive plays.

“He got to be himself. I think a lot of times, even in the preseason, he wants to get everyone involved and rightfully so. That’s what he does, having a triple-double. So he wants to get those assists and get guys going to open up the lane for him. But a lot of times when you get there, they fan back out and now he has a wide open layup or a dunk but he’s looking to pass.

“So we just want him to be himself, be aggressive. Be Russell Westbrook, be the reason why we traded for you. Once he does that, everyone else will figure out how to play around him. So it’s a learning experience and like I say this first game one for our first game and we will continue to build around him and make him more comfortable where he can have those games that we’re used to.”