Anthony Davis went off with 33 points and 11 rebounds in the season opener for the Los Angeles Lakers. However, that was not enough as his team ended up losing to the Golden State Warriors, the team that beat the Lakers twice during preseason.

After the game, Davis talked about what were the things that led to his team’s loss. “We usually do a better job of closing quarters,” he said. “We let [Jordan] Poole get going at third and kind of just one kept him around then got the lead. His rotations, not saying that’s an excuse, but AB [Avery Bradley] haven’t had one practice with us, obviously he knows our system kind of the same defensively, he’s a great defensive player.

“We had some miscues I had a miscue on the [Andrew] Wiggins three in front of our bench ready to go help to block [Nemanja] Bjelica shot, kicked it out. Offensive rebounds. They hurt us with the three towards the end of the game. We just got to be able to get our schemes. Not going to overreact. Obviously, we don’t have all our guys. It’s a game that we definitely could have won.”