Anthony Davis
Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/YouTube

Despite going 0-6 in preseason, there are some positive things for Los Angeles Lakers, says Anthony Davis. The 28-year-old forward talked about watching the film after games and seeing some good things from his team even after losses. One area that the Lakers need to improve is defense.

“When we look back at film, you think you played bad, you actually played pretty well, despite a loss or a win,” Davis said. “Everyday we’re doing film coach shows us positive things the way we move the ball, the way we cut, the plays we’re making just playing randomly. So we’re encouraged by everything that we do. We have spurts where we look really good like in the first half or the first quarter.

“Thing we can be better at is obviously defense. Defensively we can get a lot better. New guys trying to play in a new system old guys trying to get acclimated to the new guys who are trying to get acclimated to a new system. So it’s a lot. We’re going to chip away at it every day.”