Jaylen Brown
Photo: Getty Images

Jaylen Brown is expected to miss time, after testing positive for COVID-19. The Boston Celtics did not give a clear timeline on the star forward, but head coach Ime Udoka quickly erased the worries of the fans and confirmed that Brown is well on track to return.

Brown has been a huge part of Boston’s success the last few years, being the second-best player in the roster behind Jayson Tatum.

“With the time frame and the quarantine we’re thinking he’ll miss the preseason, but hopefully everything goes well and he’s back before the season starts,” Udoka said, per Mass Live. “When I had it I had a 10-day period, so with that timeline he should be back. Depending on that, he’ll have a chance to get in shape and pick up where he left off. Hopefully he’s good to go by the season.”

The Celtics announced Brown contracted the virus and he is currently quarantining. It is unknown where he possibly contracted the disease, though he is asymptomatic.

Based on the current timeline, Brown should be back with the rest of the Boston Celtics just before the start of the 2021-22 regular season.

That means he will miss the preseason games of his team against the Raptors, the Magic, and the Miami Heat.