DeAndre Jordan, the latest addition to the Los Angeles Lakers, will team up with three superstars, namely LeBron James, Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis. During his intro press conference, Jordan was asked about playing with James and Westbrook specifically.

“For me it’s great,” Jordan said. “Those guys, being able to have such speed and strength, being able to get downhill so quickly, it puts a lot of pressure on defenses. When you’re big playing in that dunker area, you kind of find where you’ll be open whether it’s a shuffle pass whether it’s a lob.

“And like I said, those guys are so great at finding the open man and making the defenses pay for coverages and schemes that they may come up with is going to be great. I just need to be ready to catch the basketball or catch a lob or screen in for a shooter. When you have that many threats on one team I think that it’s gonna be very beneficial to us.”