Photo: Soobum Im/USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia 76ers are hoping to find the best possible package for Ben Simmons, who is expected to leave the Sixers after another disappointing postseason performance.

The Sixers are interested in Damian Lillard, if he becomes available, and they believe using Simmons in a potential trade for the Blazers’ superstar seems to be the only path for Philadelphia, per ESPN’s analyst Zach Lowe.

“Simmons is the only one among them who is available, but his availability is very much tied to the other two — and probably more to Lillard than Beal, though that can swing in time,” Lowe wrote on a potential blockbuster trade.

“Several teams — including the Warriors, Spurs and Minnesota Timberwolves — have discussed Simmons with varying degrees of interest, sources said, but one reason talks haven’t gone far is that the Sixers likely view Simmons as their path to Lillard.”

The Sixers’ demands remain high for Simmons, as Daryl Morey is asking for an All-Star player along with other assets. Many teams have backed down from negotiations because of that.

Lillard is what the 76ers need in terms of fit with All-Star center Joel Embiid. The Blazers’ superstar is a massive shot-creator that excels in the crunch time.

So far, Lillard has affirmed his love for Portland and he will try to win with them as the Blazers made several changes to the coaching staff this season.