Dennis Schroder Lakers Jazz
Photo: Lakers Daily

Dennis Schroder is seeking for a lucrative deal this offseason, but he may not get it without the help of the Lakers.

According to Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report, Schroder may get the deal he wants via sign-and trade with the Lakers.

“Schroder will be competing with several other free agents at the same position, including Kyle Lowery, Lonzo Ball, Mike Conley, Spencer Dinwiddie and Chris Paul (if he opts out of his final year).

“He may get squeezed,” a Western Conference executive told Bleacher Report.

If he does, Schroder may need the Lakers’ help to get a suitable payday via sign-and-trade,” Pincus reports.

Dennis Schroder is seeking a multi-year deal for $100-120M, while it is not likely he will remain with the Lakers, after the Russell Westbrook trade.