Luka Doncic
AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

Luka Doncic has no intention to part ways with the Dallas Mavericks, according to former NBA champion Jason Terry.

As Terry, who won the 2011 NBA championship with the Mavs, believes, Doncic loves the city of Dallas and wants to remain part of the team.

“It’s always interesting when you see articles and you see people put things out there but you never see direct quotes from Luka himself.

And me knowing Luka the way I do is he’s a hooper. But he’s not concerned about what management got going on and analytics and all that. He’s a hooper.

And if you watched him in these playoffs, you understand that. Right now he’s busy in Slovenia, getting ready for the Olympics. And so I know, and trust, you know, Cuban, and the powers that be to do the right things to put the necessary pieces around him. And you know, he loves the city of Dallas.

I mean, that’s the city, that gave him his start. And when you watch him play, he wears the city on his chest and on his back. He’s all in when it comes to Dallas. So I don’t buy into the rumors. And I haven’t seen anything or heard anything of it from his end,” Terry said on CBS Sports Radio, per Dallas Morning News.

Despite another early playoff exit, Doncic is expected to remain with the Mavs for many years. He is also eligible for a rookie scale max extension with Dallas, worth over $200 million for five years.