It’s been a pretty chippy first round of playoff basketball, particularly where the Atlanta Hawks and New York Knicks are concerned. The Hawks lead the series 3-1 and could close it out with a win on Wednesday. The way Clint Capela sees it, the Knicks are about to go on vacation.

The Hawks won a game at Madison Square Garden and have won both of their home fixtures. With the series now headed back to NY, Capela has sounded a warning to his opponents. The center told reporters his Hawks can hang with the pushing around and trash talking, but they can also come off with wins on the back of that.

“They are trying to play tough, push our guys around and talk shit,” he said in quotes transcribed by Uproxx. “But we can do that too. We showed them as soon as we came back here that we can do that too. We can push guys around too. We can talk shit as well, so what you gonna do about it? Oh, and we can get a win with it. So what you gonna do about it? Game 4, you’re coming back again, well it’s going to happen again. We win the game, we talk shit, and we push around. So what you gonna do about it? That’s what happened. We can do it too. We can be physical, but we can win games as well. Now we’re coming to your home to win this game again, and send you on vacation.”