Monty Williams Suns Booker
Photo: Ross D. Franklin/AP

Phoenix Suns will have to look past the arguments with the Lakers and referees in Game 4 of the NBA playoffs opening round, according to head coach Monty Williams.

(via Arizona Sports):

“There are some things that are being said and done on the floor, probably both ways, that go outside of what basketball should be about. Way too much complaining, in my opinion, from both sides,” Williams said. “We have to be focused on the game,” Williams said.

During Game 1, Suns guard Cam Payne was ejected after an altercation with Lakers guard Alex Caruso and center Montrezl Harrell.

In Game 3 of the series, Devin Booker was ejected for pushing Dennis Schröder during a layup attempt by the Lakers’ guard.

“I spent some time yesterday talking about the energy that we have to focus on the game and not the silliness that’s going on with words that are said on the floor, fouls that don’t go our way. There has to be a poise,” Williams claimed.