LeBron James
Photo: CBS Sports

A deep three-pointer by LeBron James within the final minute of the game gave the Los Angeles Lakers a win over the Golden State Warriors in the play-in tournament.

After the game, the four-time NBA champion joked that his vision was not clear when he took the shot because his eye was poked on a previous offensive possession.

“The first thing I did when KCP kicked it out I looked at the shot clock. I saw what it was I had to get it up, at least get up on the rim,” James said.

“Second thing I saw was three rims from being poked in the eye from that previous possession when I drove to the hole in transition. So I just aimed for the middle one. I’ve practiced enough, I work on on my game. I was able to through the man above and through a lot of practice I was able to drain it.”

The Lakers will now get a couple of extra days of rest ahead of the first round series against the Phoenix Suns. Meanwhile, the Warriors will take on the Memphis Grizzlies in their second attempt to qualify for the playoffs.