NBA Basketball betting
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Basketball has gone uninterrupted since July 31, and that is good news for fans and players. Yet, over the past few months, partnerships between betting companies, media businesses, and technology companies have been ongoing with some intensity, bringing together all three segments, and creating an interesting trend – these three companies are now the same entity.

Today, basketball betting is an experience that is complementary to watching the game live from the website or opting for the in-play markets. A lot has changed in how we perceive sports betting today in basketball, and that is a good thing. The NBA itself embraces betting, and that is something commissioner Adam Silver has reiterated himself.

It’s in this context that we ought to ask ourselves – whom do we bet on, the top prospects or the underdogs?

Betting on the NBA: Underdogs Strengths

The underdogs are often in the periphery of public vision, but that is no bad news, and with some luck, you can get some very good plays out of these players and teams. They are able to cover the spread, which is a popular betting saying, too.

It doesn’t matter who wins. All that matters is who covers the spread, as statistically, you get a far better value out of spread betting than you would out of match winners. Underdogs have their strengths because you may know they won’t win, but you can be fairly certain they will cover that five-point advantage not many people give them credit for.

Therein lies the strength of the underdog, and that is why they draw so much attention when it comes to basketball betting. actually has some excellent options when it comes to some of the underdogs, and you will definitely be happy to explore those yourself.

Placing Big Bets on the Top Teams

Another popular strategy is to, of course, try your lucky hand at the top prospects and teams. This is certainly a feasible strategy and one that will always work, but you ought to ask yourself if it’s always the best one.

After all, the top prospects get slightly worse odds – from the standpoint of someone looking to turn a profit on your bet – and that is where the main problem lies. However, there are many opportunities to use that data and turn it into successful selections.

One great way is to focus on parlay betting. Sure, spreads sound good, but you can just as well see what the parlays will help you really boost your chances of success in the long-term, and with a few smart selections, you may yet turn your bet into a big success!