Photo: Scott Audette/Getty Images

After a trip to the G-League in February, Toronto’s Malachi Flynn has made all the right adjustments to his game. The rookie is feeling confident, as he’s averaging 8.0 PPG/3.4 APG/1.0 SPG on 35.4% from three-point range since returning. Raptors coach Nick Nurse touched on Flynn’s growth after his 18-5-5 performance vs. Cleveland on Monday.

(Via Yahoo Sports Canada):

“The things that we want him to do he’s grown in all of them. He did a really good job a couple times tonight of coming down the floor and noticing they were in zone early, getting us a zone set and us getting a basket quickly. He did a good job of play calling, he kept moving through our actions and that was all led by him. That’s one thing we needed him to do, so that’s a huge step forward. I want him to be aggressive and we need him in the paint, and he’s starting to do that more. He’s a good defender too, he makes some scrappy plays. He works and he’s got good feet, and he’s got some toughness down there.”