Jared Dudley
Photo: lakersdaily.com

While being unable to play due to injury, Anthony Davis found another way to contribute to his team. The 28-year-old forward became an informal part of the Los Angeles Lakers coaching staff, as he was engaged with his teammates, sharing his insights into the game.

Davis talked about his role with the team while being injured ahead of Thursday’s game against the Dallas Mavericks. He saw joked that it was similar to that of Jared Dudley.

“I think me just staying engaged in the games, being like another coach, helping the guys. I think that’s how I kind of just stayed engaged and kind of got my “fix” of not being able to play, just being in the gym with the guys in the games and breaking down the games in different plays for the guys helping them learn.

“It kind of just helped me become a better leader as well, like a vocal leader talking to the guys and helping them out. It was good for me but also I think it was good for them to kind of just hear my voice and not to just kind of sit back and just watch and ‘Well, I’m not playing, so they figure it out.’ So I kind of just tried to be that Dudz of the team when I was out and going to continue to do that even if I’m playing.”