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Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, April 8, 2021 / — Freethrow100 – the world’s first truly inclusive global sporting challenge aims to go global within 2 years in order to find the world best free throw shooter in the world. This basketball startup aims to build a huge global community based around the simple challenge of stepping up and shooting 100 free throws.

Once a large community has been created, then the team at Freethrow100 has plans for an annual event which will see Freethrow100 registered players go head to head in varying formats to see who will be crowned the Global Freethrow100 champion.

Taking the confluence of technology, social media and sport, Freethrow100 will create a truly global league open to anyone. The barriers to entry are so low that the number of participants is only limited to the buzz around the challenge and the motivations of every basketball player out there.

The company has a big vision. Next year we may be able to tune into a live stream and watch a kid from the Philippines battle it out against a retired basketball coach from Canada for a prize money of USD 1million and the glory at being crowned the world’s best.

Freethrow100 is currently in talks with some possible partners to bring this vision into reality. Perhaps it is time to get registered with this exciting new basketball concept and start practising your free throws.

Freethrow100 is a sportstech startup with a small team, but a large goal. One world. One community. One challenge. For more information visit