LeBron James Lakers
Photo: Twitter/Bleacher Report

Brooklyn Nets were able to add three current or former All-Stars to their team in the last few months, after signing Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving the previous season.

Stephen A. Smith said LeBron James is the reason behind the Brooklyn Nets forming a superteam with James Harden, Blake Griffin and of course LaMarcus Aldridge.

The well-known TV analyst referred to LeBron James forming a superteam in Miami as the starting point of that trend. However, he claimed James did the same thing the Nets did this season his second stint in Cleveland.

While the West seems to be more competitive so far, the Lakers look destined to get out of the conference and reach the NBA Finals for the second consecutive season.

The Lakers were at the same spot, the Nets are now during the last offseason adding to their championship roster the last season’s Sixth Man of the Year Montrelz Harrell and Dennis Schröder.

Moreover, the LA franchise signed Andre Drummond to add more front court depth ahead of the 2021 NBA playoffs.