March Madness

College basketball fans, the times of madness are nearing. Before you know it we will be entering “Selection Sunday”, also known as the preview of what’s to come, the yearly NCAA Division 1 Basketball tournament, also known as March Madness. Now, if you’re a true NCAA basketball fan we’re willing to guess that you’ve tried to crack the perfect bracket challenge, most probably to see it go to waste after day one for the most part but hey, you are definitely not alone there. But hey, the key to success is to get up after you fall and try, try again. 

While the whole bracket insanity might be a bit too much for some, there are ways to make some serious money if you put your heart and basketball loving mind into it. While you start looking for the best march madness odds to try and get the most profit of their arduous bracket labor here are some top tips to march madness bracket betting. 

Play Safe But Remember, Fortune Favors The Bold

So you’ve decided to try and score some serious cash betting online on the 2021 March Madness Tournament, here’s to you then! Let’s start this off by commending you and wishing you the best of luck in what will be three weeks of thrilling college basketball action. Ok, now that we’re past the formalities let’s really get into what’s important, how you can make money with March Madness. Billions of dollars are wagered year after year in this event, one considered by not just college sports fans but all sports fans in general as one of the greatest sporting times of the year. 

Since 68 teams compete in the NCAAB Championship tournament, the possibilities of betting and making money makes bracket betting one of the most popular and fun basketball wagering styles around. While some people play it safe and do their pickings based on school names and traditions history has shown us that if there is one place where going bold and raking high rewards is this tournament in specific. If there’s a 7th seed school that’s catching your eye over their 2nd seed opponent, take them, the rewards will be big. Don’t be afraid of picking the little schools here and there, shockers are bound to happen in each round and they only add up to the excitement.

Basics on Bracket Picking

Betting on college basketball brackets can be a simple job or a difficult one, it all depends on you and how you do your pickings. How is it easy and not difficult? Well, after all participating teams have been selected, hence “Selection Sunday”, they are all paired up in brackets. After this it’s a simple strategy of picking who you might think might be the best bet to move forward in the tournament, all the way until the end. 

Now take two very important things, all bracket picks need to be done before the tournament officially begins, so whoever you pick you have to ride with until the end of the madness especially considering that there is no reseeding once in the tournament, your pick’s seed will be the same from beginning to end. Remember, if you have a hunch about any shocks in the horizon, go for it, you might end up getting pleasantly surprised.

Secondly, be bold, think of upsets, look at stats, look at records, all this will help you pick. Since there is no reseeding you will be able to “piggyback” off any and all picks you made, basically the more right picks you have, the more money you’ll make and of course the more picks you’ll have for the upcoming rounds.

How To Get The Best Profit

Here is where things might get a bit difficult, but don’t start hesitating, the tasks are easy and the rewards might be huge. Since this is a 68 team tournament, you basically have 67 games to pick from beginning to end, that equals 67 picks to make. A sure fire way to get the best profit is to start off by picking your favorite school and put them to win the championship. 

Once you’re done with that, start working the bracket backwards, from the championship game all the way down to the “First Four” matches. This will allow you to have the teams you want to be in the more critical spots of the tournament earning you more money, because remember, correct picks always add up but correct picks in the later rounds will add up more and more. While 1 vs. 16 seed matches will surely become a breeze to play out in the early rounds, be sure you take your time when the seed pairings are more evenly matched. Just a heads up, call it luck, call it destiny but when betting on a 12 vs. 5 seed, always take the 12 seed, you can thank us later.