Cory Joseph

Despite missing LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Marc Gasol, the Los Angeles Lakers gave the Sacramento Kings a run for the money.

In the end, the hosts defeated the reigning NBA champions by three points but it was a close contest. According to the Kings guard Cory Joseph, the Lakers are still a tough team even without their superstars.

“It wasn’t too difficult for us [to prepare for the Lakers] because we had a tough loss. Usually after a tough loss as any team you get up or the next game because you want to be well prepared to go out there give your full effort. With that being said, you’re right obviously those guys have done an incredible job.

“Obviously Bron and obviously AD out right now with injury. But Bron has been playing all of the games really this year. So it was a little different with him out. But like I said, they’re still a great team, a lot of veterans. So we just know that with the personnel they have we have to stay ready and bring our A game.”