Frank Vogel addresses Lakers’ 3-point shooting struggles

Frank Vogel Lakers
Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers had another rough night at the three-point line. The defending NBA champions made just 26.7% of their shots from beyond the arc, while their opponents the Brooklyn Nets converted 46.2% of their three-pointers. As a result, the Nets outscored the Lakers by 30 points from the perimeter.

After the game the Lakers head coach Frank Vogel revealed that the team looked into what is the cause of poor shooting from the three-point line since the players are mostly getting the same looks as they did at the beginning of the season, yet those shots are not falling in. He also revealed his plan to solve this problem.

“We’ve dove into this pretty deeply,” Vogel said. “We’re still getting basically about the same amount of open threes that we’re getting earlier in the season. To start the season we were shooting a little bit better than our expected average and of late we’re shooting a lot lower than our expected average. We’ll continue to emphasize working for shot quality and have our guys honor their work. Water will find its level.”