Former NBA and EuroLeague player Alex Acker travelled a lot during his career as represented more than 10 different teams all around Europe. In terms of fan support he has a clear favorite. It’s Olympiacos, a team that was his first stop in Europe.

“These guys are diehard fans, I’ve ever seen fans that did not sit down not once during the whole game,” Acker shared his impressions on the newest episode of 1-ON-1 with Basketball Network. “They were up cheering during time-outs during half-time, they had songs non-stop, all you saw was just red like everywhere. Let alone the flair guns going over your head while you’re playing, dribbling the ball up. You’re like what the hell is that?!

“A league like the NBA where it’s like, you know, they clap when you do something awesome, but to literally get heckled — I really loved that. And the most important thing I loved is playing as an underdog in other arenas, when they’re cheering against you, that sh*t gave me chills.

“Our fans were awesome, Olympiacos fans are #1, by far,” Acker concluded.