Kyrie Irving
Photo: Al Bello/Getty Images

Kyrie Irving shared a story in his Instagram page predicting the Nets will be in the Finals’ stage when it’s all said and done this season.

Irving shared the post prior to the game vs. Miami, where he and Durant combined for 59 points to help the Nets snap a two-game losing streak.

(via Brian Lewis of the New York Post):

“Don’t trip. It’s a long journey. We will be on that stage. The stage where the best of the best meet. … You know. The main stage,” Irving wrote.

“Where those who can, do. And those who cannot talk about those that are doing. If you rolling with us, great. Let’s rock. If you’re not, you know you wanna talk about our greatness anyway.”

Kevin Durant appeared in the comments’ section and agreed to Irving’s statement. Then, Irving proceeded to drop 28 points shooting 10-of-17 for the night.

He led the Nets in scoring during the crucial fourth quarter, when he had 18 points to help his team close out the game.

“So being on this stage, it is the main stage, but you know the main stage I’m talking about,” Irving explained in the post-game media session.

“We’re just putting it out as a goal of ours that we came together and this team, we’re focused on that. That’s it.I give people [something] to talk about everyday.

It comes with the business, and living a very public life as an athlete or an entertainer, I know we have supporters and we have a lot of doubters.”