The London Soccerdome, home of the Nike International Junior Tournament 2013 has closed for business and will be demolished.

The football-orientated facility was the host venue for the NIJT in 2013 alongside the Euroleague Final Four at the nearby 02 Arena. While the event in London was labelled a risk that didn’t pay off to many members of the European media, the junior tournament was hailed as a success despite the strange choice of venue.

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The sign that greets you when your enter the website

The now former employees of the Soccerdome enjoyed the basketball during its brief time there with one saying it was a nice change.

Most of the games played were near enough full with the admission price, like all NIJT contests over the years free of charge.

The land is reportedly being used for additional housing as the area is too well hidden to be used for more restaurants or leisure facilities.

The 2013 NIJT featured Barcelona, Joventut Badalona, Lietuvos Rytas, Team China, Team England, Red Star, OKK Spars Sarajevo and Insep Paris,

Highlights of the NIJT 2013, courtesy of Hoopsfix